Death by Song (2003)

This is, to date, the most complete CD I’ve ever made. It was all recorded on my digital 8-track recorder, so the quality is decent. I have notable guests artists on this album, including guitarists Mike Lucibello, Brian Brockett, and Aaron Bell, and numerous special guest vocalist appearances. The songs range in severity of seriousness as well as in style. It was also on this album where I began concentrating very heavily on orchestration and harmonies more than actual composition, which results in simpler songs sounding infinitely more complex.

This CD also features my first two cover songs, where were both minimalist songs for which I arranged way too many parts.

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Song Lyrics Sample Download
100 Songs Yes   Yes
March of the Clowns No   Yes
All Chuckled Out Yes   No
Two Days After Yes   No
Surreal Day Yes   No
Some Yes   Yes
Grendel's Mother No   Yes
Piñata Boy Yes   No
Skull No   No
Fly High (Little Air Force Boy) Yes   No
Toots McFleury Inadvertently Saves the World Yes   No
Walking in Your Shadow Yes   Yes
Tightrope Arsonist No   No
The Scotsman No No
Instead Yes   Yes
The Luggitsville Folk Yes   No
Phone Book Yes   No
End Credits Yes   No
Another Lullaby Yes   No

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