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Derek's work has been registered at the U.S. Library of Congress, so it would be a terrible financial idea to plagiarize or use any of the material found on this website for your own purposes. Nevertheless, enjoy the writing!

Introduction: While I’ve always written poems, they’ve lately taken the form of either sonnets or song lyrics. So these poems were largely written in high school and college where a few of them were published in whatever publications would not immediately scorn silly poetry. Reading these is like a trip down memory lane for those with amnesia.

The Metaphor (NEW!!) - What started as a poem making fun of poetry turned into this eulogy for a part of speech.  I don't understand how I write, sometimes.

Dumptruck (NEW!!) - This short poem came from the same bigger poem making fun of poetry, which explains the similar meter.  How these two bastard children came from the same mother is just bizarre.
Catching Tears - *Technically* a song, this is one that hasn't ever found its way to a recording, and without a clear chorus, it makes a better poem, I think.  It's short and sad, just how I like my women.

Christopher the Enigmatic – Vaguely self-inspired, I was more trying to copy the impossible rhyme schemes of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It happens when you’re in London.

Don’t Drink and Attempt Archery: Cupid’s Lament – I need to learn to name things better. This is a fun poem where I tried to make it look all artsy. Who knows if it works?

Faults – Stupid girlfriends.

Fingers – It isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever written, but it still makes me chuckle.

Inner Self – Another vaguely autobiographical poem. Man, I must have had some weird experience in London.

Love Poem Accompanied By a Rose – I have still never used this poem as it should be used.

Marriage – I don’t know where this sad poem came from, because I didn’t write too many of these during high school. It got rejected from the literary magazine. I’ll stick to comedy.

My Socks are Trying to Kill Me – Like I said…

Observation and Suggestion – 2 haikus.

On Hearing an Opinion – I brought 3 poems with me to a Poetry Festival in high school. 2 were ridiculed and one was praised. Guess which one wasn’t funny?

The Eager Little Girl – Inspired by Brian Dewan’s “Cowboy Outlaw”, I’ve always had a soft spot for this sad, reflective poem.

The Goose – For a long time, my favorite poem.

The Storm Before the Calm – Stupid same girlfriend.

The Successfully Unanswered Self-Inquisition... - This is another badly-named poem I wrote for a class.

Things Left Unsaid – Short and to the point.

Wolves – Easily my favorite poem I’ve ever written.