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Nevada State Championships recap

I recently wrote about the Mountain Mayhem, which was a very bizarre tournament. Here were the summaries of the three rounds: Round 1: My putter was stone cold and I couldn?t throw an up-shot to save my life (all three bogeys were caused by mis-executed up shots followed by missed putts). I wasn?t pissed off, … Continue reading Nevada State Championships recap

The post Continue reading Why I’m Rooting for the Cleveland Indians to Win It All (Then Immediately Change Their Identity)

The post Why I’m Rooting for...

10/3/17 - A brand new Online Survey

8/18/17 - The Dirty Dozen list goes Baker

11/2/16 - The Fake Wine Review column is back!

2/7/16 - I finally updated the links

10/16/14 – Something is definitely happening

10/30/12 - Fats' drought is over

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October 22, 2017