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Mountain Goats albums ? Worst to First

Time for another pointless list, this time my favorite Mountain Goats albums of all time. I think I basically own all the major album releases, though I won?t even begin to pretend I own every single tape compilation he ever put out. John Darnielle is, shall we say, prolific? Also, tMG is one of my … Continue reading Mountain Goats albums – Worst to First...

The Young Old-Guy Tour: King of the Lake

What, did you seriously think you wouldn’t get a recap of this year’s King of the Lake? Like I did in 2017? And 2016? And 2014? And 2011? And 2010? And 2009? And 2008? You get the point. As I pointed out in last year’s recap, I shoot the King very well in even numbered … Continue reading The Young Old-Guy Tour: King of the Lake...

10/3/17 - A brand new Online Survey

8/18/17 - The Dirty Dozen list goes Baker

11/2/16 - The Fake Wine Review column is back!

2/7/16 - I finally updated the links

10/16/14 – Something is definitely happening

10/30/12 - Fats' drought is over

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So you’re going to need more than one poodle, just a heads up. Cut a large, square slab of wood, probably about 20 feet each side. Line out a 19 x 19 grid with long Velcro strips. Get 181 black poodles and 180 poodles. Play the world’s most frustrating game of Go. (Really, it only … Continue reading September 30, 2018...