Head of Carbonation: To Our Laundry With Love (1996)

This is the debut and only album of the now-defunct band Head of Carbonation, which consisted of Kevin Gilbert and myself. The album is comprised of 23 songs composed by the two of us, mostly silly, several of which actually featured us practicing the songs once or twice before recording them. The sound quality is admittedly lacking because it was recorded on a 4-track analog recorder, and I hadn’t really taught myself how to play piano yet.

That having been said, To Our Laundry With Love is a very fun collection of irreverent and clever songs that captures the early stages of my songwriting, and the exceptional piano playing of Kevin. The Headhead legion still remains strong, though the numbers have dwindled from the dozen or so who once proudly sported the name.

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Song Lyrics Sample Download
(Too Many Helicopters) Yes   Yes
I Outnumber You No   No
The Hidden Track< No   Yes
Kick Him in the Cow Yes   No
Dracula Yes   Yes
Whittling Ted Koppel
Yes   No
Magnetic Reverend
No   No
Simile Yes   Yes
Jolly Green Giant
No   Yes
Those Martin Van Buren Blues Yes   No
Be My Head No   No
The Day the Carwash Ate the Baby Yes   No
Sylvester Stallogna No   No
The Pool Table Song No   No
Ode Yes   No
Just Bobo Yes   No
My Dark Horse No   No
The Wrong Number Blues No   No
I'm Holding Her Yes   No
Tickling Atlas No   No
Breathing is Hard No   No
World No No
Robert Stack No No

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