In case it was not evident, this site has been re-launched with a snappier look, and more easily navigable icon bar, and plenty of new silliness.  New features include:

Flash Dash - an interactive way to play our favorite game, Balderdash.  Vote once a week (starting on Wednesdays) for your favorite definition and see who wins amongst the 10 Dashers we have each week. 

Poodles and Velcro - finally, a reason to come back every day!  One new thing to do with a poodle and Velcro, ON THE MAIN PAGE!  Make sure to visit on holidays, as there are special ones to try.

More updates - With my show wrapping up and the site now looking spiffy, there will be more updates.  That's more Bad Advice, brand-new Online Surveys, new pics, new pieces of writing, new music (now available for download), and much much more. 

There may be a few bugs here and there, but they will ironed out as we go. 

Enjoy!  What else are you going to do at work?