Here's what fans have to say about The Utility Players - Season 8: Live at the Sands! 


"As a Utilitarian—a fan who rarely misses a show—it has been a blast to see hostess Jessica "The Jester" Levity lead the Utility Players through fresh takes on old UP favorites. It’s wonderful to watch the troupe evolve with their new space at the Sands. The audience at the casino has also been witty and smart every week, making each show a special treat."

                - Ashley S.


The Utility Players’ move to the Sands for weekly shows has been great for the troupe and the audience. It has been a pleasure to watch the troupe bring a new focus to their music through developed melodies and lyrics that are both funny and are often the highlight of the scene. Emily Skyle and Joe "Fizz" Garton both deliver in a variety of music styles with wit and artful improv skills, including opera and Prince. Derek Sonderfan’s musical talent shines throughout the show but it’s particularly impressive to hear him hop between Whitney Housten-styled music and a country western prelude within 60 seconds.

                - Valerie W.


And a quick video for the road: