In his first creative bid since moving to Reno, Derek has become a member of the Improv Troupe, Stage Fright.  It is a group comprised of newer improv actors as well as comedians, and they are rebuilding the troupe to prepare to enter the casino circuit.  Run by improv actress Mia, the group only formed in its current incarnation in February.  They meet in a new space, the theatre at 4th street, once a week to audiences of underwhelming sizes. 

Aside from playing some music once a week at an open-mic night, the improv marks Derek's first artistic venture since making the move out west.  He's gotten minimal recognition for his comedy music, but comedy music is not something that is indigenous to Reno, or in fact anything between San Francisco and the Mississippi River. 

Look for him and the group throughout cities in the west, if they get good enough in the upcoming months.