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Derek's work has been registered at the U.S. Library of Congress, so it would be a terrible financial idea to plagiarize or use any of the material found on this website for your own purposes. Nevertheless, enjoy the writing!

Introduction: I don’t write love poetry often, but when I do, it’s in sonnet form. Here is my current collection, with more eventually on the way when I get back into the habit of rhyming. The first of these was written back in 1998, and they progress to this year, when the most recent was written. Watch me emote!

Sonnet 48,317 (NEW!!!)
Sonnet 48,316
Sonnet 48,315
Sonnet 48,314
Sonnet 48,313
Sonnet 48,312
Sonnet 48,311
Sonnet 48,310
Sonnet 48,309
Sonnet 48,308
Sonnet 48,307
Sonnet 48,306
Sonnet 48,305
Sonnet 48,304
Sonnet 48,303