It's been a year and a half since I joined The Utility Players, Reno's premier improv troupe, as their musician. While I also get up occasionally for some of the one-liner games, I traditionally sit behind my keys and try to figure out ways to incorporate the Doogie Howser theme song into a scene. It is a natural combination that the improv troupe should ramp up its performance schedule for the wonder that is Artown, a monthlong celebration of fine arts, performing arts, and other creative miscellany. 


The dates for the Utility Players shows, which are also on their website, are as such:


Thursday July 10th at 7:30pmPioneer Underground –  "adult show", rated R

Friday, July 18th at 9:30pmPioneer Underground – adult show

Saturday July 19th at 1pmGood Luck Macbeth theater – “kids show”, rated PG

Saturday July 19th at 3pmGood Luck Macbeth theater – kids show

Saturday July 26th at 1pmGood Luck Macbeth theater – kids show

Saturday July 26th at 3pmGood Luck Macbeth theater – kids show

Sunday July 27th at 2pmPioneer Underground – adult show




For DISCOUNT tickets to the adult shows, contact me here or on my Facebook page and I will get you some tickets for $14. For tickets for the kids shows, please order from Good Luck Macbeth's website.


If you aren't sure if The Utility Players are for you, here are a few clips that might just tickle your fancy.


Sit Stand Bend


Man Scouts 


Mediocre Olympics 


The Fight Scene 


Lance Mein Lot 


She’s a Beautiful Butterfly