To explain this abridged Dirty Dozen list, Marshall Street Disc Golf, an amazing supplier of all things disc golf, is hosting a monthly contest to win a gift card, and this month's challenge was a top ten list. So of course I had to enlist the help of Jaymar. And this is what we came up with:

10. It's rain you can chew!

9. No need to drag around a cumbersome cooler to keep your drinks chilled. Or your dead bodies hidden.

8. Snowmen, Snow Angels, and for those extra creative folk, Snow Octopi.

7. It's a great way to demonstrate the states of matter to your kids by melting the snow and heating the water. Then, when you've bored them to sleep, you can play with their Legos and not feel guilty.

6. It hides the fact that your lawn gnome keeps taking his pants off.

5. After Corn, it's my favorite kind of flake - way ahead of any Kardashian.

4. You can pee your name in it, unless you're poor Guiseppe Von Thacklethunder III, who simply can't ever seem to drink enough to finish it off.

3. Without it, Eskimos would be basically homeless.

2. If someone comes up to you packin' heat, you're safe because you've been packin' cold to combat it.




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