Within a week?

Today’s OB appointment came at a crucial time.  Our OB (who we love) goes away tomorrow for 5 days.  It’s all the more crucial because, when I asked “What do you think the odds are of him making it that long?” she replied “It’s going to be close.”  She’ll be back in the office on Tuesday morning.  And she is on call that Wednesday night (a week from today).  If the baby is not yet born by Wed, the game plan is to take steps on our Wednesday appointment to get labor going, and she’s it being VERY probable the baby would be born by Wed night.

Of course, we learned from Landen’s birth that what she thinks will happen and what actually will happen are two very different things.  I reread some of my blogs from the time, and it showed that her expert opinion can also be wrong.  I had predicted a few days ago that it would be the 12th (9 days before the due date, just like Landen).  I could be very right.  😉  Really, like every other sane parent says, I want the baby and mom to be healthy.  But if he can just hold off one more week, we’re REALLY appreciate it.

In other news… um, there really isn’t other news.  We’re likely within a week of having a baby.  Eeesh.

3 thoughts on “Within a week?”

  1. Thank you for these updates. We are on eggshells waiting to hear news! Take care and REST while you can. 🙂

  2. Another Sonderfan in the world might just flip the planet on it’s axis. Thankfully, we reinforced the walls after the hurricane so we’re well prepared.

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