The Donator’s Blog

I am a professional disc golfer.  Rather, I am a disc golfer of moderate ability who plays on a professional level, which means I pay more in entry fees and have a significantly lesser chance of winning any money back.  I am what’s known in the disc golf circle as a "donator".  But I am also "shameless" and will openly say that if people want to donate to the cause, I won’t stop them.  There’s a very attractive button on this page that will send you to PayPal where I will happily accept any donations towards my professional sports career.  I will also mention you BY NAME in any victory speeches I give at these tournaments.

In addition, I will post various blogs about other interesting things, usually events where I happen to remember to bring my camera.  I at least gotta give you SOMETHING to keep reading my random prattling.  So enjoy, and if you are a philanthropist and, I daresay, pretty foolhearty with your money, I’d be happy to spend it in a way that is uber-fun. 

Note: On Paypal, I am Fat Monkey Records, so don’t be thrown if that’s who is getting your donation. 

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