The house has officially been on the market for… well, almost an hour now, and the realtor’s already gotten three requests for a showing. Y’know how people often say that the house-selling and house-buying process seemHouses to take forever? Well, something tells me that this year will be something of an exception. Real estate seems hot all over, but given the recent boom of commercial activity in the Reno area – Tesla is nearby, Amazon is practically visible from our house, Art’s Discount Zeppelins and Fishmongery¬†is slated to take off any day now – it makes sense that this is a hotbed of activity. So the selling part shouldn’t be tough. Perhaps we can even see a bidding war? Oh, one can surely hope.

And of course the buying process will be TOTALLY simple. Nobody will want the house we fall in love with, we’ll be able to make a lowball offer that they’ll have to take, the closing documents and escrow period will last 4 days total (by law it has to take at least three, after all), and we’ll be moved in in a week, having painted all the rooms we so desire. Piece of cake.

Don’t ruin my delusion.

I’ll be back soon to post an update on my recovery, probably on DAY 90 (the theoretical “end” of my main recovery period). That’s only a few days away.