Did a Celebrity Blantantly Rip Me Off?

So apparently Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography, written in 2014, is a choose-your-own-adventure. I can’t help but wonder why that premise seems so familiar.

I’m not saying millionaire and America’s sweetheart is clearly┬áripping me off. What I *am* saying is that I’m 100% certain that he’s one of the 4 people who looks at my actual website (and not just the blog part). What’s next, NPH, you going to start a Bad Advice Column? (I hope the homestarrunner guys don’t look at this, because then they’ll definitely have beef with NPH too when he┬árips off their idea too!)

Speaking of which, there may just be another Dirty Dozen list coming your way as soon as the Superbowl blitz dies down and Jaymar can again resurface.

But yeah, screw you NPH.