Picture Blast, Pt. 1

I’m just gonna throw up a bunch of random “Earth” pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks (or, in one case, years).  They’re not the usual cute baby pictures, but I think you’ll enjoy them nonetheless.  The first four are from our trip to Michigan last month.  They’re also with the fancy new camera, so I was trying some nifty stuff there.  Click to make them bigger.

Lake Michigan at sunset

This little guy did not like staying still for me

A different sunset on Lake Michigan

Artsy and/or fartsy

The next two photos were from the balloon races today – this is an annual event that’s one of the largest in the world.  And, while I don’t consider myself a patriotic person, I was very happy to have snapped the last photo as I was walking with Landen around the disc golf course today.  That it happened on 9/11 isn’t the reason why, either.  I’m fine with patriotism, as long as it’s not manufactured.

Uhhh, I think you’re in my fairway

More in the next day or two.

2 thoughts on “Picture Blast, Pt. 1”

  1. The butterfly one is AWESOME. And the wine with the pampas grass is definitely artsy, not fartsy. If the wine glass were a Geritol bottle, then I’d say fartsy.

  2. I like Tracy. Well played! I always enjoy shots like these. Sometimes it’s cool to take a step back and appreciate what’s around us.

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