Day 2 (2 entries)

3:35pm – I was expecting zany adventures. I95 doesn’t lend itself to zany adventures. In fact, I95 is kinda the Renee Zellweger of highways – unattractive, unimpressive and tedious. Oh what I wouldn’t give for some shenanigans right now. My kingdom for a single hijink.

9:51pm – After eight hours in a Saturn, I was feeling the urge to play some disc golf. Mitch told me of a great course in NC called Zebulon, which I hadn’t played. I was optimistic. And after two holes, everything was still fine. But then I had the joy of spending at least 20 minutes trying to retrieve a disc that was Out of Bounds by only 5′, trekking through the inhospitable bog known as …. you know, I was going to proceed with my venomous lambaisting of Zebulon and how it is the incarnation of everything I despise about a course and how it is probably quite like birth except less rewarding and FAR more painful. But I’ll save you that. I’ll just leave you with this: if disc golf is your passion, then Zebulon might not be for you. However, if your true passion isn’t so much in disc golf, but rather foraging through Amazonian-river-basinesque foliage and topography, narrowly avoiding trenchfoot, praying the plant and/or animal that just punctured your chest isn’t too lethal, and wishing you were undergoing surgery instead of finishing your laborious round, then I highly recommend Zebulon. It won’t disappoint.

The two hour car ride that followed that was among the most looked-forward to in my life. I’m currently at my Dad’s house in West End, NC, amazed that I have any wireless signal.

Miles traveled so far (today/total): 609.2 / 677.3
Financial Trends (being cautiously optimistic as if I’m going to make money at some point) -$60.99 / -$803.05
Rounds played: 1 / 2
Courses played: 1 / 2

Day 1 (1 entry)

11:20pm – Okay, so I fully realize my trip doesn’t start until tomorrow. The two things I assume I will do excessively on this trip are 1) play disc golf and 2) spend money. Because I did both today, I justified starting my storytelling one day early. I played doubles at Warwick and played well, but didn’t cash (my partner was pretty new to the game). I think I need to take a look at this trip and already brand it a financial failure. I’ve spent exactly $742.06 on this trip, and I have only traveled about 40 miles. (Entry fees, digital camera, new golf shoes, food…) A this rate, I’m going to be a very sad Derek in 5 weeks.

On the bright side, I’ve already been to two states, played one round of golf, and realized at least one thing I forgot to pack. I leave in less than 9 hours. The excitement is so thick you could use it as a shim.

The Donator’s Blog

I am a professional disc golfer.  Rather, I am a disc golfer of moderate ability who plays on a professional level, which means I pay more in entry fees and have a significantly lesser chance of winning any money back.  I am what’s known in the disc golf circle as a "donator".  But I am also "shameless" and will openly say that if people want to donate to the cause, I won’t stop them.  There’s a very attractive button on this page that will send you to PayPal where I will happily accept any donations towards my professional sports career.  I will also mention you BY NAME in any victory speeches I give at these tournaments.

In addition, I will post various blogs about other interesting things, usually events where I happen to remember to bring my camera.  I at least gotta give you SOMETHING to keep reading my random prattling.  So enjoy, and if you are a philanthropist and, I daresay, pretty foolhearty with your money, I’d be happy to spend it in a way that is uber-fun. 

Note: On Paypal, I am Fat Monkey Records, so don’t be thrown if that’s who is getting your donation.