Honeymoonish – Day 1

Apparently, the “free wireless internet connection” at the curious Trees Motel is working through dial-up. Man, it’s slow. As such, this is gonna be short. First off, read Ash’s blog – she had incalculably more patience than me: http://theheartsfood.blogspot.com/

Highlights of today: starting off the day on time; me saying “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we got a speeding ticket, if I asked the cop to take a picture of him giving the ticket for the blog…” only to have it seem much less funny in the actual situation (no, we didn’t ask); watching Ashley completely park three holes in disc golf, giving her her first three 2s; and a couple of choice photos which might go up in a Photobucket soon. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m off. More tomorrow, hopefully with infinitely faster loading speeds.


So we leave tomorrow for our Honeymoonish.  No, we have not secretly gotten married.  In fact, we won’t be legally getting married August, which will be 4 months after our small weddingish ceremony.  For our honeymoonish, we are going to be driving to WA, where will we be buying wedding bands.

I say all this to bring up one point: Ash and I clearly have no clue what we’re doing.

Actually, I’ve been looking forward to a vacation for a while, and we know we won’t be able to do any traveling once Smacky is born (btw: PLENTY of time left for the baby-naming contest.  Jaymar might have an early lead so far, with some very interesting baby names).  So we’re taking off tomorrow, traveling to the coast of CA, up the coast of OR to Porland, through Seattle to a nearby town to buy the bling, and then down through Boise, wrapping it up after 8 days back home, much poorer.

We’ll be taking oodles of pictures and putting them up for people to see, I’m sure.  So stay tuned – there’s some very silly place names we are hoping to hit along the way, some friends to visit, and some B&B’s to enjoy.  Oh, and some us to love.

Baby Naming Contest!

All right, hades and lentilsoup, we’re happy to announce a BABY NAMING CONTEST.  This will run from now until December 31.  Since we haven’t determined the sex, there will be two separate contests: one for girl names and one for boys names.  (We’ll likely announce the gender beforehand, but you can still submit names until the final day for both genders.  You can just do first names, first and middle names, or all names, as it’s not absolutely sure who’s last names will be used where.

Prizes are a secret!  But submit as often as you like.  You can either post publicly, or you can use THIS FORM.  I’ll be re-announcing this periodically so nobody forgets about.  Get your entries in NOW!

“How is the mommy doing?”

My expectant father book warned me that at no point in this pregnancy will people ask me how I’m doing.  I initially laughed about that, and said “we’ll see”.  It also said that when I announce the pregnancy, many people (mostly male) will ask: “Is it yours?”  Well, as for the second thing, I probably had 40% of the men I told (generally the guys I’m not very close friends with) ask me that.  It’s kinda sad, actually.  It’s not even a funny joke.

But as for the first part, I’ve found it to be absolutely correct.  Nobody asks about me, they ask about Ash.  In mind, they’re doing it RIGHT – they SHOULD ask about the woman.  She’s got a sack of potatoes in her belly while I’m just a little nervous.  So I don’t mind it, actually.

The ironic part is it drives Ash nuts.  She keeps going out of her way when someone asks about her to also mention how I’m doing.  A silly, thoughtful girl, that’s what she is.

But I will also go on record as saying her family is constantly asking about me, my shows, my projects, my disc golf… her sister even asked if I was able to ask if I had time to finish recording demos of The Unusual Suspects for the Korean package.  They’re exceptionally sweet.

So I guess the point of this, if there is one, is you don’t need to ask me for my sake.  But Ash might kick your ass if you don’t.  😉

Nerves of Noodles

So I am at the point where I’m getting pretty nervous.  I have absolutely no experience with babies under 1 years old.  The number of times in my life I’ve held one of them in my own arms is 1, and that was done less than a month ago at a party.  I have always just assumed I’d be a good father, but I am not sure what I was basing that off of.  I know I’ll be loving, I’ll instill a good moral base, I’ll be fun (think a white Cliff Huxtable – yes, I plan on talking about pudding), and I’ll be stern if I have to be.

But nowhere in there did I ever take into account that I’d have to touch the baby.  I assumed I’d be changing him by bringing in a crane and a Hazmat team.  I might need to readjust my thinking.

Anyway, I suppose these nerves are typical, but they’re not exactly making me feel good.  On the bright side, the more I worry about the baby, the less I am thinking about finances.  So that’s a plus.

All Things Baby

So Ashley is in full-baby mode (full-mom mode?). She’s watching the TV shows about babies coming home and birthing, she’s making lists of things we need to buy, and almost every conversation we have comes back to the baby.

And gosh darn it, she is adorable the whole time she does it.

Oh yeah, does anyone have a spare $10,000 they want to give us? ‘Cause that would rule.

Also, for those who don’t know, Ashley has her own baby blog, which you can click HERE and get to, or look on the let side of this page and find for yourself.

Awesome gifts from awesome people

Jaymar, who is just happily married (CONGRATS JAY AND JEN) hooked both me and the gummy bear up. He hooked me up with a SWEET Vaughn Indians jersey (think Major League, not Mo), a hat, and a lucha libre mask. No pix of that – I’ll wait for Jon’s professional shots.

But he hooked up Smacky with some cool onesie-duds.

Nothin’ like a baby wearin’ an astronaut rockin’ a boombox. That’s STYLE.

And Jen, Ash’s sister, hooked her up with a number of things, one of which Ash is proudly displaying:

Our friends and family rock! Thank you!

Gummy Bear, pt. 2

So Ash went in for her next OB meeting, and they were trying to monitor the heartbeat.  The baby was tucked away in the darkest recesses, so they opted for another sonogram.  I think they just wanted to play with the fun picture machine….

Anyway, the baby is doing well.  Ashley is a bit dehydrated, due to the fact that she can’t even hold air down without throwing up.  🙁  But things are progressing.

Get ready to see Smacky 2.0: blurrier than before!

Gummy Bear

So for those who may not have heard, the amorous Ashley Wade is with child.  Yes, mine.  That joke wasn’t funny the first time I heard it.  Anyway, we are super excited about it.  This was taken about a month ago, and you can clearly see the gummy bear qualities that our child contains, including, but not limited to, malleability and strawberry zing.

What’s better, the nausea and sickness are starting to taper.

Due date in January.

I’ll be posting under a new category, Smacky, as that’s what we’ve affectionately dubbed our baby (notice the resemblance to Bucky Katt’s toy bear.)  Check often.  You’ll be sick of Smacky come birth.

Things That are Stupid – Pt. 1

I’m taking a red-eye flight, so my plane doesn’t leave until 11:55pm.  So I go to the airport unnecessarily early (I was the only one in line through security).  A few things I’ve noticed that are stupid:

– Reno airport has slot machines.  But with nobody to man them, they turn them off.  So while I don’t like slots and probably wouldn’t play anyway, it’s a bit silly to close the ONLY distraction.

– Much worse, there is nowhere open to buy anything to drink.  This wouldn’t be bad except you’re not allowed to bring in outside drinks.  So there is no conceivable way to keep hydrated while waiting for boarding.  None.  A water fountain, fine, but it’s down the hall and if I want to eat my sub that I bought while drinking, I’d have to do it sitting against a wall by the bathrooms.

– The CA fires.  We’ve been under smoke for 3 weeks, and it’s arguably worse today than the very first day.  So there isn’t even a lingering feeling of, “Well, at least it’s getting better”  It’s choking.  The moon was literally rust colored.  Dark rust.  I have been counting down the weeks to the Perseid Meteor shower in August, in hopes of seeing some KILLER stars without the air pollution.  And we might be in haze that makes the NJ sky look like Alaska sky.

– Politicians.  They’re just stupid.

I pray I’ll have a row to myself, or at least I pray that that kid shuts up that sounds like it’s being put through a blender.


I’ve always said I’ve never been in debt.  I suppose that’s a lie of sorts – I had a car loan and a student loan in my time.  But since I hadn’t missed payments, I always assumed that meant I was never in debt.

But as of the start of this week, I am officially debt-free.  I had paid off the car about a year ago, and just this week I sent in my final check to pay off my student loans, about two years early.

Boy, I sure hope no unexpected expenses come up…

My everything hurts

For the astute readers with good memories, you may remember me mentioning that, during the last tournament, I took a nasty piece of sagebrush to the leg, and I thought it was just scraped up pretty bad. Well, yesterday I went to Urgent Care and had them remove whatever was still in there, since five days later it was still in quite a bit of pain. He removed lots of blood clotting, some debris, and yes, a piece of wood. It wasn’t huge, but it still shouldn’t have been in my leg. I also got a nifty tetanus shot for it, since I couldn’t recall the last time I’d had one.

So today, I am in mucho pain. My arm actually hurts worse than the leg, but that may simply be because I haven’t taken off the bandage yet. My leg has ALOT of hair. This one’s gonna suck.

Pix to come (yes, Ash was taking pics during the procedure.)

edit: the bandage is off. That didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it did, though I am missing some hair.

I was on TV!

So Reno has this pretty cool festival called Artown – it’s a month of concerts, art shows, classes, performances…. just lots going on.  And it lasts the entire month of July.  Our improv troupe, Stage Fright, is performing each Wed during Artown.

Now our troupe has had audiences ranging from 1 to 12 or maybe 15.  I mean, we’re not talking big crowds.  So this month was gonna be sort of do-or-die for us.  Well, because we are advertised in the booklet for Artown, we had a crowd.  In fact, we ran out of seats.  To top that off, Channel 8 (the local news) came by with their camera and taped some for the evening news.  He shot some footage of the show, and then did interviews with me and Mia (the founder of Stage Fright).

The piece was a minute long and it was fun.  It was sorta a me-spotlight, which my vain side enjoyed.  But it did look good for our troupe, and hopefully next week we’ll have to add some extra seats or something.  Maybe we’ll even remember to charge admission.

Stage Fright: Every Wednesday in July

7pm at Studio on 4th (4th and Valley)

Hula Bowl – Day 2

During yesterday’s round, I impaled myself on a chunk of sagebrush.  Because of that, my leg swelled up last night and it was extremely painful.  So I began favoring it, throwing my back out during the night, amidst my three hours of sleep.  There, that ought to cover my excuses.

I start out on a very difficult hole 1 – throwing it within 10′ for an easy birdie, the only one.  One off the lead.  I throw a perfect spike hyzer on my second shot, landing it within 10′, only NO!!!  It hits off a rock and skips thirty feet past!  I miss the putt.  Oh well.  Hole 3 (you’ll remember I 4’ed it during the final round of King of the Lake and lost the playoff on that same hole) – I throw a great shot, finally past the guardian trees that were my nemesis.  BUT NO!!!  I hit a tiny branch past the trunks that knocks me down.  One bad upshot and putt later, and I 4 that one.  Hole 4, I play the flick, which is the “safe” shot, having the disc hyzer INTO the hill as opposed to down it.  I get a nasty skip and I go down the hill anyway.  I take another 4.  Five holes in and I’ve had three bad breaks.  Then the wheels come off (bad to say AFTER two 4s).  I just start throwing terrible shot after terrible shot.  I miss two putts within 20′ for birdie, and after the front nine, I’m +2.  Now I’m just hoping for last cash (4th out of 8 – they’re thankfully paying deep)

I start to pull out of it with three birdies over the next seven holes, bringing me back under.  With two holes left, I’m tied for third, pretty much out of contention for 1st and 2nd.  The guy I’m tied with birdies both, and I bogey both.  Fortunately, the guy behind me didn’t play hot and I snuck into last cash.  Second pro cash in a row.

What went wrong?  Everything.  I just felt weak, distracted, and in pain.  Once I had those bad breaks, I got into my own head “I have to make this putt to stay in it… this is a must-deuce hole”  I wasn’t playing my shots anymore, I was playing the tournament.  Pro rookie no no.

Anyway, it was fun, and I’m glad to be done with it.  Taking a little vacation from disc golf.  Too much other stuff going on.

Hula Bowl – Day 1

Back to Truckee, the site of the final round of last week’s King of the Lake tournament, for the Hula Bowl. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to round 1, where all 18 holes were set up as birdie runs. We all know how much I love short courses.

Round 1: I started on hole two with a deuce, letting me think maybe I could finally combat short courses. I then proceeded to par 6 out of the next 7 holes, all of which are extremely deucable. I managed to birdie 10, 11, and 12, my first turkey in tournament play (11 is a nice park job deuce). I step up to 14, one of my favorite holes, and do a terrible drive, a tough up, and a missed 20′ putt. There goes my bogey-free on this very easy layout. I step up to 15, a hole I usually hit a tree to the left, so I take a different disc. It’s a 270′ uphill hole where you throw straight through a gap and high, and let the disc hyzer to a basket on a hill. It looked good out of my hand, and we hear a CHING!!! IT’S IN!!! My first tournament ace!

Ace pots work a bit different in CA. Instead of an optional $1 pot that goes to anyone who hits an ace, it’s more an honor’s system thing: those in your group should pay you $5 (and the three of them did) and anyone at the tournament should pay you a buck. I have gotten $49 so far with a few people saying they’ll hit me tomorrow. Sweet!

I end up at -7… sadly not great, but the best was a -9. Because the course was so easy, there was an intermediate player who shot -7 and an advanced guy who shot -9. The ratings for the tourney are gonna SUCK. (Edit: they do suck)

Round 2: Two strokes off the leader, and in a tie for second, I head out for my second lead card in two weekends. Admittedly, there are only 8 in pro open today, but whatever. I step up and birdie my first two and end up in a tie for first. Shizzle. This is an easier round to break down: I shot 7 birdies and no bogeys (only my second ever bogey-free tourney round). I missed three putts within 25′ this round and I chained out of a 40′ putt. That would have KILLED at -11, but instead, I have another -7 on a slightly harder course. There was only one hotter score than that, yet I still didn’t even get in the 990s. D’oh! Stupid low ratings.

So after two rounds, I’m 2 strokes off the lead, and one stroke ahead of a tie for 3rd. They only pay top 3, so I gotta play solid tomorrow in the longest layout. Doesn’t matter, because with the ace, I ALREADY CASHED! Woo!

King of the Lake – Day 2

Starting the day, I was 10 strokes of the lead, but only 5 off 2nd, which seemed far more attainable, especially since I knew the two courses better than anyone ahead of me.

Round 3: Tahoe Vista

I have played this course a couple of times during doubles and knew it pretty well. I started off by missing hole one (everyone did) and having a drop-in birdie on hole two. Hole three and four I also had birdie putts, making the one on 4 (I’d never birdied that before). I misthrew hole five (as I always do) and bogeyed, but followed up with another drop in deuce on 6. I’m being this detailed for a reason – my driving was great and I was getting the must-deuce holes! I never do that! Hole 9 changed everything. It’s a tough flick S shot. I throw literally the best forehand of my life. It skips up by the basket, close to the parking lot OB behind. I get up to find out it’s leaning over the edge. If the concrete had been poured straight down, I would have been in bounds (my disc was hanging over the lip). However, the concrete then bowed out about an inch and a half, and I wasn’t over that. So a poor concrete-pouring job cost me a stroke, maybe two (I missed the putt for my circle 3 – remember that for later).

Derek (the leader by a ton) starts saying: “C’mon guys, we gotta step it up!” I’m sitting there thinking, “Ummm, this is me stepping it up. I’m playing really well.” I proceed to birdie 10, had a putt on 11, parked 12 for a bird, and only took a bogey or two here and there. Hole 17, a HUGE downhill hole with a natural tree backstop – I throw a crap drive but throw my up straight into the backstop. My disc somehow manages (parallel to the ground) to get caught between a 2′ truck and a 2″ branch, over 8′. Another very painful OB stroke (the comebacker was a 6′ putt). I finish with a par 4 on 18. That puts me at -1 on the round, though I was -3 without those two painful OB strokes. Anyway, despite beating everyone in my group but Derek (who only shot -2), I lose ground. Two guys on other cards shoot -7 and -6 and leap up to lead card. Good, I don’t like being lead card.

Round 4: Truckee

This is gonna be simpler. I start out 4 4 on tough holes, but still not good. I then go 3 2 3 2. So I’m even with many many birdie holes left. There is some SICK wind, and everyone is having trouble. I proceed to par the next 11 holes (ugh). I finish the round with a 15′ birdie and come back with a -1 (my 2nd card shot even, +1 and +2, so I knew unless someone shot lights out on the 3rd card, the worst I could do was 5th place (in the cash baby!)

A guy from the lead card Tom (who shot the -7 in the morning) comes up to me and says, “You shot -1? You and I are tied for 3rd.” WHUUUA!? -1 on Truckee is NOT good, how did I advance? Well, two guys on the lead card shot +4s (like I said, BIG winds). At this point, I didn’t care if I won a little disc trophy that said “3rd place” so I went into the playoff just trying to not embarrass myself.


Hole 1 is a must-deuce. I yanked my drive and ricocheted off a fence for a 30′ windy putt. Tom gacked his too and flew well past the hole (but I think hit a tree to slow him as well). He had a 30′ putt. I went first and canned it (longest put of the day, sadly). He then hit his. 2nd hole – another must-deuce. I put it within 15′. He shows me up and puts it within 10′. Both make it. 3rd hole (where I started with a 4 during the round). I hit the early guardians and he didn’t. So I had to make a 300′ upshot with a tree right in my face. I throw a low shot with my Sidewinder, hoping for a skip, and I hit a rock, stopped me 60′ short. I miss that and he wins.

I later find out that the ‘silly trophies” are these absolutely beautiful hand-carved dragon statues. Oh, I wish I knew that before that playoff. Anyway, I split 3rd place cash and walk home with $220, my best tourney by a long shot.


King of the Lake – Day 1

So King of the Lake is the Tahoe extravaganza: all four Tahoe courses (Zephyr Cove, Bijou, Tahoe Vista, and Truckee) in two days. Despite a few locals telling me to “bag it in am, nobody knows who you are anyway”, I play pro. It’s a diluted field because most top pros are down in LA playing a bigger tournament. I started out the day hitting a bird with my car – sweet, I already hit a birdie!!!

Round 1: Zephyr Cove

This course is lots of tough threes, a couple of gimmes, and not too many long long holes. That’s not to say there isn’t trouble to be found, but if you play smart, you should be ending up even or better. I start out with a 25′ uphill putt on my first hole, a VERY hard hole to deuce. I miss it, and then 4 4 the next two holes. NOT the start I wanted. I hit a couple of birdies here and there, take few more pars. Like most tournaments, my biggest problem was throwing it flat at high elevations – everything was hyzering… still. Anyway, I ended up at +1, with only three birdies (not good) and four bogies. The only reason I was that good was two of the LUCKIEST kicks I’ve gotten in a while. Someone was smiling down on me today. The leaders were at -5, and I was on third card (of four).

Round 2: Bijou

I’d only ever played this course once, last year, it was 100+ degrees out, and I only had three discs on me. Today, there were some strong winds and sprinkles of rain coming down. Fun. The layout was fairly simple: the front nine were mostly deuce holes, the middle 9 (there were 27 holes) were mostly tough threes, and the back nine were a mix of some tougher ones with some gimmes. As usual, I missed all of the gimmes. But I started very hot, throwing four birdies in my first 9 holes (I started on five, so it wasn’t all the easy ones). But then I went through a long drought without birdies, play blah golf. After a few bogeys, I had ruined my excellent start and was back to even. D’oh! I missed three putts between 20′ – 30′ during that span too. But I pulled my head back into it and proceeded to hit three deuces in my last six holes. I ended at -3, putting me -2 overall. The hot round (the leader) was -7, and then my -3 was next best. w00t! It leapfrogged me all the way to the lead card. It’s be a -12 (Derek Billings), a -7, a -3, and my -2. There’s another guy tied with me at -2 and one at -1. Tight race.

So tomorrow I will play the last two courses starting on the LEAD CARD. It’s my first time on a lead card since turning pro. Let’s hope I get some sleep tonight.