Our Own Personal 24?

Another OB appointment.  Ash is now 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Anyone who has a knowledge of pregnancy numbers knows this is pretty close to active labor.  So the OB did some poking and prodding around, which is known to spur labor on quite quickly.  (With Landen, Ash’s water broker 2 1/2 days after it was done, but Ash wasn’t anywhere near as ready as she is now.)

Ash asked if we should schedule an appointment for next week, and the OB said no, and “I’ll see you later.”  Ash is going to take in some food, and start the walks around the neighborhood.

So now there’s something of a schedule.  The OB is on call tonight, and if we deliver anytime during normal business hours, she’d also deliver.  Meaning: if we go into labor anytime in the next 24 hours, our OB will be the one to deliver, and it seems a very real possibility at this point.

I kinda want a Keifer Sutherland-style clock to appear on the side of my life now, counting down.  Not that anything calamitous would happen if we didn’t deliver in 24 hours.  But the possibility is greater than ever.

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