NYR Diet: Weeks 3-4

I’m definitely past the new-rush-of-a-challenge part of this experiment, and only four weeks into the year I’ve already slowed down below the minimums for the tougher tier. I’m still ahead of the bottom tier, but I did falter a little bit here.

Exercise – this is a word I’ll never remember how to spell. I’m actually still on target here. I’ve done 2-4 workouts a week, and boy is my back tired. I’ve noticed better flexibility and I wasn’t beat up after playing 27 holes at Sun Valley the other day. Definitely on the right track here. I should start adding some weights to my core workouts soon. Will have to look around for stuff that weighs about 5 pounds.

Cardio – I’ve lagged a bit here, having only done 1 cardio last week. It *was* 27 holes of disc golf on really rugged terrain and I did walk over 10 miles that day. But still, that was my only attempt at it. Still not terrible, but I need to find times to take some brisk walks. Hopefully that will be a little easier when there’s more daylight around.

Leg stretches – there’s a built in cheat that whenever I do yoga, I automatically get to check one of these badboys off. But in terms of other days really stretching my legs, I am not dedicating time just for that. On the flip side (and this is a new thing) almost every day I’m stretching my hammies a little bit, whether it’s just sitting on the floor differently (instead of indian-style, I’ll stretch one leg out while sitting). Definitely helping out there.

Veggies – Oof. This is the big one. With my new braces-wires going in, it was hard to eat many veggies this week. I gave myself a scant 5 servings, and that might have been generous at the end. We’re also finding ourselves rushing a bit in terms of getting veggies made for dinner, so it’s only partially my braces to blame.

Sodas – still none, but man I was craving a Dr. Pepper at the Superbowl.

Fast Food – A small yes. I say small b/c when I devised this category, I was specifically targeting Jack in the Box (where my meal would be in the vicinity of 1200+ calories, and very few of them good) and Qdoba. Saturday I had Qdoba, and while the naked burrito I got only clocked in around 700 calories, and some of it good (black beans, brown rice), it IS still fast food. Ash pointed out that eating a burger at a bar is worse for me than the Qdoba meal, yet I didn’t tick off “fast food” when I ate at a bar. So really I don’t know if I should count this. I probably shouldn’t. It would keep my slate clean. Hmmm.

Anyway, growing pains, but still doing all right.

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