NYR Diet: Week 2

If you don’t have time to read it all, I’ll keep it short: so far so good.

I did another three workouts (2 yogas, one abs). I am developing a little more flexibility in yoga, that I could tell when I did a core workout last night. I don’t “feel” more flexible, but I’m seeing results. I’m doing 100% of the ab workout (in terms of the # of exercises, I’m still doing less reps than they do in the video.) I’m doing more than 50% of the core workout (again, less reps), and I’m doing about 1/3 of the yoga (full reps within that 1/3). I’m feeling a little sore the following days, but nothing crippling like years past when I re-started P90X. I think I’m doing it right.

I found a nice stretch of neighborhood to take a brisk walk in that’s 1.5 miles. I tried doing the walk with the boys, but it’s just too slow to get my heart rate up. HOWEVER, I played a SINGLE round of 18 holes doubles this past weekend and brought along a pedometer. To my astonishment, I clocked 6 miles. Sun Valley will do that to ya.

I’ve just barely gotten my veggies in, but still not as many greens as I’d like. Potatoes and cucumbers are good for you, but not in the same realm as spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, lettuce… etc.

No sodas, fast food or ice cream so far this year. Part of me wants to “break the seal” on the soda so I don’t feel this stigma against having one. But I guess I’ll keep on keepin’ on.

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