NYR Diet: Week 1

Week one was my “cheater” week. I wanted each week to start on Monday so the first week was 11 days long. Surely in 11 days I would be able to hit all my goals, even in my higher tier, right? YES I DID.

I worked out 4 times (2 yoga, 1 core, 1 abs), did my two cardios (DG round, 1.5 mile walk), had 11 veggie servings, and didn’t have any of the bad stuff.

Ash insists that I am already more flexible (I did yoga last night). I don’t notice a difference there. The entire yoga working is about 95 minutes. The first time I did it, I did the first 20 minutes, then the first 25. Last night I did over 30 minutes. My goal from here will be do one more exercise each time. So last night I left off at triangle pose. Next time I tackle it, I hope to go one exercise beyond that.

The food has been pretty good – we’re trying to streamline our food-making regiment in general so that we’re not stuck scrambling and making french toast at the last minute. So we’ve had the foresight to prepare veggies. Truth be told, I probably had more than 11 servings, but again I’m playing it very conservative.

I do need to do more cardio, but I’ve decided 2015 will be the year I take on TONS OF PROJECTS and read TONS OF BOOKS and play TONS OF VIDEO GAMES and watch TONS OF STAR TREK and … you get the point. We really need 3 more hours in the day. If there is a god, why does Earth spin so fast? It should spin about 15% slower.

Anyway, so far so good.

2 thoughts on “NYR Diet: Week 1”

  1. Well done! In terms of streamlining….I used to cut up and put a variety of veggies into individual baggies and then keep salad dressing or peanut butter at school. Grab a bag and go. Trail mix goes well this way, too.

    Or, blast your veggies/fruits. One Nutra-bullet blast and I’ve got 4 servings in one drink plus raw nuts.

    I hate that intentions don’t translate into reality all the time, though…..

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