November 24, 2010

For each day in 2010 (give or take) I’ll be showing a picture from somewhere in my life with a little explanation as to what it is.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.  (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ARCHIVES!)

The Worst Dressed Puerto Ricans Ever
Date: Winter, 1998
Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Description: The first two years of college were the height of my “I’ll dress any way I want and I don’t care” phase.  I was comfortable in the clothes and, feeling like an outcast anyway amongst the actors, it didn’t bother me getting strange looks everywhere.  However, my roommate at the time Ricky couldn’t believe that I’d wear those clothes in public.  He wore much more traditional flannel shirts and ‘zippy’ pants.  So we made a bet to wear each other’s clothes for one day.  We both felt incredibly awkward the entire day, but I think he more so than me.  Either way, this was the trial run, when he and fellow Puerto Rican raided my closet for a fashion show.  This would not be the last time friends of mine would do this with my closet.

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