My new favorite mascot

So we went to the Reno Aces game last night; they’re the AAA affiliate of the Diamondbacks.  Their mascot is this enigmatic tumor/cancerous drop named Archie.  He’s fun, as all mascots are, but he did something last night that totally won me over.

When an inning is over and the teams are switching places, the Aces’ staff does little competitions and fun give-aways to keep the crowd into the game.  One of these is a gigantic clear-ball race between two of the sponsors.  They lined up and as they started counting down the READY – SET – GO, the one dude just took off on READY.  He had a huge lead.  The announcers kinda laughed and said “Was that a false start?  We’re gonna have to punish that guy” etc.  All the sudden, Archie breaks out of the door and comes CHARGING full speed onto the field.  And he shoulder tackled that ball with all his weight.  After rolling around a bit, the dude inside was all “what the hell just happened”… and the other ball won by a little bit.

Archie, you have won my support.

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  1. I couldn’t find a video of him attacking the Cheating Human Hamster. We should reenact it. Where’s Fenk when you need him?

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