More Nerdy Disc Golf Stats

I’ll get a surgery/braces report up soon, hopefully one with pictures. For now, though, some disc golf minutiae.

  • I have more and more trouble picking my top 5 courses, but I know three of them are: Warwick (NY), Paw Paw (WV), and Tyler (PA). I happened to look at how I do at those courses and I think I know why they’re among my favorites. I’ve played 6 PDGA-rated rounds as a pro at Paw Paw, and all of them have been above my rating for an average of 31 points above my rating, or at least 3 strokes a round. I’ve played 8 rounds at Tyler, all but 1 above my rating for an average of 26.6 points above my rating. I have 20 rounds logged in at Warwick (12 above, 8 below) for a modest net gain of 3.7 points a round.
  • It can’t all be good. What about FDR (NY), a course I genuinely like but one I recall having trouble with? I was right. 6 rounds (all one-day tournaments), only one above my rating. The grand total is 27.7 points below my rating a round. And Truckee, a course I rather despite but shoot well at (11 rounds, 8 of which are above, for a net gain of 15.5 points a round). Go figure.
  • Where does Turtle Rock fall, the course I play this weekend. Before even looking at the #s, I consider Turtle Rock my favorite park on the west coast, followed closely by Sierra College. I have 8 rounds at Turtle Rock, 6 above, a net gain of almost 16 points a round.
  • I have no idea why I play one-day tournaments, as it tends to take me a while to warm up. Over my career as a pro, I’ve played a # of tournaments. In the first round of a tournament, I average throwing 4.4 ratings points worse than my rating over 83 rounds. It gets a little better in the 2nd round of a tournament: -2.3 ratings points (83 rounds). However, in the third round, it jumps to a net of 9.6 ratings points above my rating (about a stroke over 47), and in the 4th round, should it get that far (which it usually doesn’t, I’ve only played 20 4th rounds as a pro), I am +13 ratings points above my rating. I guess it takes me a while to warm up.
  • Not a stat really, but I played like utter pootie yesterday when I practiced (at a different course). I mean, couldn’t drive, couldn’t up, couldn’t putt. I ended up -3 on a course layout where I should easily be 6-9 down. More than the score, though, was the fact that on moderately difficult birdie holes, I was putting myself 75′ out. No good. I couldn’t get my release points down at all. Let’s hope what they say about bad dress rehearsals comes true.

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  1. If you’re in Warwick ever, let me know, I’ll drive the hour to visit. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real disc golf game. And I hope you’re doing well with all the orthodontia. Adore you, hope all is well! Keep writing 🙂

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