March 5, 2010

For each day in 2010 (give or take) I’ll be showing a picture from somewhere in my life with a little explanation as to what it is.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane.  (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ARCHIVES!)



Date: December 31, 1997

Location: Wyckoff, NJ

Description: 1997 saw the height of my ‘I will be different and I don’t care what anybody thinks’ attitude that lasted, with its ebbs and flows, from 1994-2005.  It was epitomized most evidently in my attire, which was once described as ‘the color and pattern of Derek.’  It was all about color volume and pattern clash.  I had often been found putting a shirt back if it matched too well with my pants.  My eggs that had eggs and bacon on them (I miss those pants.)  It was on this New Year’s Eve when the stark contrast of my clothing and normal people-clothing gained immediate perspective.  Doug, never a slouch when it came to clothes, decked himself out in his finest duds and I had duds on too, but using a totally different definition of the word.  Someone (who was apparently 3′ 7″ tall) managed to snap this awkward juxtaposition.  One of the saddest results of that era being dead and gone is that I would kill to have those sunglasses again for poker.

3 thoughts on “March 5, 2010”

  1. remember that time you went as pantsman for what i can only assume was halloween? that was more awesome than this.

  2. I met all of you within a few months after this photo was taken. This picture now reminds me why, when I first met Doug, I was convinced that he was a game show host.

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