Last Chance for the Baby-Naming Contest!

So this is your last chance to try to win a NIFTY PRIZE in our baby-naming contest.  All you have to do is submit a name for our as-of-now-unnamed baby.  NOTE: This does NOT mean the contest is based on who is “closest” to the chosen name.  Hogwash.  We ourselves don’t know what the judging criteria will be.  We’re just going to pick a name we like.  So use just first names, or first and middle.  Heck, make up a last name if you want and use three names (or more!)  Boys or girls’ names.  Silly, serious, meaningful, historical, stupid… whatever your little hearts desire.  I have all the entries logged down and we’re going to pick at the end of December based on whatever we happen to be feeling the day we pick one.

Note, as per Ashley’s blog, it will not be at all surprising is Smacky comes out early based on our OB’s predictions.  If he is born in 2008, the contest will end when he is born and we reveal the actual name.

But get your guesses in NOW!  Even if you have submitted ten names, submit more!  Here is the link to vote: Click here to submit your guess.  Good luck!

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