King of the Lake

I’m gonna try to make this brief (yeah, right).  Sax Mike was in town for King of the Lake, the best Tahoe tournament and one of my favorite tourneys in general.  4 rounds at 4 different courses.  Last year, I shot a 239 total, which put me in a tie for 3rd, and I lost the sweet trophy in a playoff.  How did I do this year?

Round 1 – Bijou.  This was my best course last year, and of course, I start with a dud.  I only threw 2 birdies on a course where there were probably 15 to be had (27 holes).  My putting was SO CLOSE all round, but I missed about 8 putts within the circle (only one airball). My ups also cost me some strokes.  Good driving.  After 1 round, I was 9 off the leader and 5 from DFL, in 19th place.

Round 2 – Zephyr – Lasy year’s worst round turned out to one of my best.  I missed a 12′ putt on my third hole and thought “oh, so it’s going to continue huh?”  And then I parked 3 of the next 4 holes within 2′.  I guess if you don’t have to putt, you can’t miss them.  Shot very solid.  -4.  There was only one better round than me the entire day (a -6).  That has the possibility of being a 1000 rated round (my sixth ever, if it is.)

After day 1, I was in a tie for 12th, right on the bubble.  Day 2, I start out practicing at Truckee when THIS happens.  (Warning: it’s pretty gnarly-looking)  I was wearing crocs and I stumbled on a rock.  Ugh.  This was about 10 mins before the players meeting.  At go time, it was in pain, but the toe was not discolored, just swollen.  I iced it and figured I’d tough it out.

Round 3: Truckee.  It was set up as total birdie-golf (17 of 18 are birdieable, and probably a good half dozen would be considered must-birds.)  I hate birdie golf traditionally, but not being able to run up properly, I did an awful lot of stand-and-deliver.  I shot very well, for some reason.  7 birdies, and bogey-free (only my second tournament round without a bogey ever.)  Like Zephyr, this was the 2nd best round of the tourney for this course (one guy shot a -8).  Another 1000-rating possibility here.  After three rounds, I was in a tie for 8th.  They would probably pay around top 12.  But would my foot hold out?

Round 4: Vista.  No, it wouldn’t.  I was in so much pain, my throws were all over the place, and I only hit one birdie.  I scraped together a +5, which was not at all good.  But considering I was limping badly and couldn’t plant my feet right (not to mention Vista is VERY rocky and mountainous), I can’t bitch too much.  Seeing how nasty my toe got later, I was pretty surprised I even finished the tourney.

I was in a tie for 14th, which was somehow last-cash.  They paid deep.  Good for me.  But considering I threw a total of 241 (only two strokes worse than last year), and I did half of it on one leg I’m pretty darn impressed.

Oh, and the toe isn’t broken.  Although I can’t fathom how that’s possible.  Must be all that milk I drunk growing up.  For those keeping score, I beat Sax Mike by 28 strokes.  Heh.

Up next?  R&R.  My foot is killing me.

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