Halloween ’06

Only two weeks late, and by popular demand, here as some pictures from my Halloween party. I incredulously didn’t take pictures of nearly anyone, as I expected other people to, I guess. So this album is painfully short on pictures. And there were some great costumes. But I will begrudgingly post my picture. I went as a dishwasher that stopped working.


And, of course, someone had to slap my ass because of it. Although in this picture, it looks a bit more involved than that. But who am I to argue?


And here are two other creative outifts: Sara went as Miss Trailer Park 2006, complete with stapled sash. Susan went as Superman (woman?) midst transition. Clarkette Kent? I don’t know the title, but here’s the pic.


And finally, one of the two co-winners of my costume contest. I stupidly didn’t take a picture of Brit (the other co-winner) who came brilliantly dressed as the Operation guy, replete with tongs to try to remove her pieces and a buzzer if you missed. Well done. But here is a picture of the winner, Jeff.


Until next year…

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