Disc Golf Goals

I used to do this on the ole Stick board, but that chat board is pretty dead, so I’m moving it over here. This will keep me accountable this year, make sure I’m actually doing what I set out to do. I used to make overly ambitious goals, but I feel like I’ve been toning them down over the past few years to a more realistic scale. I start  the year with my highest player rating in my life (978), so there’s a bit of pressure to keep it up.

Here they are:

– Originally, I was going to say “get the 1 Tag for Reno and never lose it” but in the last 6 months, we’ve had two transplants from other states who are very good players. The caliber of player in Reno is astronomically higher than it has been in the past. So my new tag goal – end with the #1 tag. If I do this, I will have ended with #s 2, 1, 1, and 1. (The first year, I missed the inaugural tourney and the guy who won the #1 was never seen again.) I currently hold the #2.
– Never have worse than the 5 tag.
– Play in 8 PDGA events (that’s always my goal, because then it makes sense to pay the PDGA fees for pro), including all 7 Sierra Tahoe Series events.
– Come in the top 5 in the Sierra Tahoe Series.
– At least 3 1000-rated rounds.
– At least 1 round over 1010 (I have 10 thousand-rated rounds, yet only one above 1010)
– 1 ace (I’ve only had one since 2006.)
– No rounds below 930.
– Ending rating above 980 for the first time ever.
– Play at least three new courses.
– Not miss a 15′ and in putt all year (during tournaments).
– Win my first ever PDGA tournament (maybe the Reno one?)
– Get out with my oldest son for a few rounds (even if it’s only 4 holes – he just turned 3)
– Keep my lifetime streak of never DNFing a tournament alive.
– Last year, I don’t think I ever got more than a little surly during a round. I hope to keep the positive attitude this year, even when I miss an 80′ up shot by 40′.

Check in next year for the update. 😀

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