Disc Golf Goals – 2015

I held off writing this one because I wasn’t sure how much disc golf I would actually be playing because of my surgery. Now knowing that it’s LIKELY to happen at the end of the year, I’m going to make the assumption that I’ll have a full year ahead of me. In an idea world, I’d actually prefer the surgery in July, which would cleave my disc golf year in half, but that won’t be my call. Anyway, after last year’s abomination, I’m making some new goals. Hopefully they’ll be accessible.

It may be utter coincidence but the working out I’ve been doing seems to be positively affecting my golf. Not only am I not trashed after playing a pretty grueling round or two, my game itself seems to be doing well so far. The weather helps – when it’s in the 60s during winter you won’t hear me complain (at least as far as disc golf is concerned – as far as our part of the country really wanting a normal winter, that’s another matter). So let’s go 2015.

1) Play in the entire Sierra Series, the GCC, and maybe one tourney at a course I’ve never played. This is ambitious and even if I have the late surgery probably one I won’t fulfill. But hey, it’s my wish list.

2) Cash at either of the A tiers I’m playing (GCC and King of the Lake). The last time I played both I cashed, but those were pretty special tournaments.

3) Cash in at least 1/2 the Series tournaments I play. Another lofty goal.

4) Top 25% or better of a B Tier. With hopefully playing a little more golf this year, hopefully this one will be attainable.

5) Top 3 at the Sun Valley tournament. This one might be very difficult depending on the caliber of players who travel for the tourney. If it’s mostly Reno folk, I’d have a good shot. If Sacramento/Grass Valley pours in, I’ll have to bring my very best game.

6) Cash for the first time in the Sierra Series. I was first non-cash two years in a row and last year didn’t play enough to qualify.

7) Beat Jere Eshelman in a single PDGA round. Still hasn’t happened.

8) Keep my lifetime streak of never DNFing a tournament alive.

9) At least 3 1000-rated roundsI had zero last year, yet I think this is possible.

10) At least 1 round over 1010. The same as last year.

11) No rounds below 940. The same as last year.

12) End up with a rating over 975. I would be nice to officially be rated a pro.

13) Hit a dubs ace or a tourney ace. I already got to split an ace pot with my partner in 2015, but it was him hitting the ace, not me. I’m less concerned with sheer numbers as I am with keeping up tradition, as I’ve hit at least one for the last three years after very long droughts.

14) Play at least 3 new courses this year.

15) Continue playing dubs/tags during tournament season. I tend to play a bit in the winter, then ease up in the spring, then stop altogether around July, only to maybe play one or two times in the fall. If only for exercise purposes alone, I want to keep getting out and playing.

16) Stop talking about myself so much during the tournaments. This is probably more about myself as a person and not so much a disc golf goal, but it bothers me that I tend to be self-centered when playing, talking about stories of my heartbreak or glory, or just constantly informing my group of my status in the round. It can’t be doing my groupmates any good, and it doesn’t help me. That might mean bringing around my iPod more or just learning to enjoy the round and care less about my results.

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