Day 6 (1 entry)


5:31pm – I’ll say this: “spelunker”. I’ll also go on to add, perhaps on an unrelated note, that Florida is obscenely hot. Although I don’t think I’ll rival the Ian Gillan-esque deep purple that I was five years ago, I will point out that I have turned a nice shade of the less popular band Cancer-Pink. I blame two things – Sanabel Island and this guy:

A halo appears when the sun’s heat kills an angel
Anyway, we’re back at my mom’s house, which looks uncannily like this:

She’s a landscape manicurist, my mother. She puts more hours of work into her yard than I do into my social life. Which explains a lot, come to think of it. But anyway, I only have six minutes of life left of battery, and I’m too l lazy to find my AC adaptor. So here’s two more pics. Mitch n’ Marsha (M&M, affectionately) and Mittenz and Fats. Enjoy.

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