Day 5 (6 entries)


5:34am – What the deuce am I doing up this early, you ask? Jonesin’ for the open road, I answer. And I can’t help but think how many birthdays I’ve completely overlooked lately.

8:11am – I’m officially putting in my bid to rename the South Carolina slogan. “South Carolina: we’re shaped like an infected liver.” Catchy, huh? Oh, and while driving through the torrential downpours, I did manage to catch this one:

McDonald’s newest sandwich for the overindulgent omnivore

10:55am – I’ve just gotten back from Owens Field Park in Columbia, SC. It was POURING as I was only miles away, so I tried to find shelter. Then, like as if a dream, it came like a beacon into my sight!

Stupid Fatz was closed
Cafe notwithstanding, I got out onto the course just as the rain was tapering off, and I had wonderful weather. Now, I wanted to like this course so much, and there were plenty of good, tight holes. I didn’t play well, and even considering, I almost liked this course. But its two drawbacks prevented me from liking it (the more and more it went on) For one, it was horrifically marked and there were walks of at least 200′ on every hole to get to the next tee (one walk I estimated to be over 1000′) I spent ten minutes trying to find hole 15. But even with that, I could have still liked this course.
What ultimately prevented that was the jails, which made Alcatraz seem kinda easy to get out of.

The tiny gap is 300′ away, and 5′ to the left of it is jail that takes at least three thumbers to escape from
Seriously, if you were not on the fairway, you spent about two or three shots getting back on, and that’s if you played smart and threw directly out and not tried to be a hero. I shot a +20 on the longest tees, and it felt like a worse round than that. I had some good putting going on to salvage something, and two birdies (and a total of four pars… woo) Not worth your while until they trim that crap.

2:29pm – Finished up Edisto Memorial Gardens DGC. What a simply remarkable looking course.
Easily one of the most beautiful open courses I’ve ever played.

Yes, I birdied both, and yes, those mandos are less than 3′ apart.
Stupidly easy (when I birdie the first three, it can’t be that tough a course) The first hole was 125′ with a few sporadic trees. Hmmm…. I was -4 after 14, and then I got lost and started throwing at wrong baskets and going all sorts of haywire. The last few holes are not well marked, and I counted at least 2 hole 18s. Hmmm once again. Great newbie course, and it marked my third ace run this trip (missed by less than a foot right)
Now I’m enjoying Comfort Inn. Not really the interior, but more their wireless internet connection. Yummy.

5:34pm – Days Inns are alright in my book too. The GA course I was gonna hit was a bust. Couldn’t find it. Looks like I’m gonna hit Daytona again – that was beautiful from what I remember. Then haul some adorable ass down to south Flordia.

midnight – Finally hit the mom’s. Played Daytona. No pics – the draught down here has not done wonders for the course asthetically. Played the most solid round of golf I’ve ever played, I think – 2 birds, no boges. Not one early tree, stupid up, or dinked putt. If I play like this during the trip, I’m cashing.

Miles: 820.2 / 1613.7
Money: -$77.05 / -$906.78
Rounds played: 3 / 7
Courses played: 3 / 7

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