Day 3 (3 entries)

3:11pm – So you know that luck I didn’t get at Worlds? Or at Seneca? Or pretty much any time I seemingly play well at disc golf? I found out what happened to it – ball golf has stolen it. I played 18 holes with my father and I swear, aside from two (2) total bad kicks, I was getting love from the trees that would have made a tree sprite jealous. This included a screaming line drive that would have been OB by about six counties, and it hits the OB marker (which is a piece of pipe maybe 1 1/2 inches in diameter) and richochets back onto the fairway.

Ah, the form and look of a typical ball golfer.

I ended up shooting a 111, which is I think my best ever (I play ball golf once a year at most), including two pars (which I’ve only ever shot two others in my life) and a 25′ putt (which I don’t make in disc golf)

Financial status: paid $2.68 for sunscreen, but made a dollar off my dad.

3:50pm – I’m drinking Mello Yello. The South is filled with savages, I tells ya. SAVAGES!

8:29pm – I think for as much as people criticize my choice of wedding song with “Good Enough for Now”, a much worse choice would be “Creeping Death”. Just my opinion.

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