Day 19 (3 entries)


5:58pm – Wow, what a bucket of suck at Lake Shore Park in Ashtabula. It began promising enough, playing the shortest layout first, and not griplocking my first shot. It went downhill from there. For the next 6 holes, I gave myself 5 putts for birdie within 30’. (I know this because they had chalked out a circle of 30’ on each hole) I missed 4 of the 5, including three within 20’. Yup, that’s special. I ended up bearing down and playing a few good holes, ending up at a -6, 6 off the leader. More importantly, I was only 3 off of 4th place. Auspicious, especially considering I missed 4 within 30’ (but managed to hit all of the putts from 30-40’)

Second round, I was in a good grouping playing a longer layout (that I had not even walked or seen.) It showed, and it kicked my ass. But surprisingly, it wasn’t my ignorance that cost me strokes, it was my… (guess)… putting. That’s right, this round I missed FIVE within 30’. That’s nine on the day. I shot even, 10 behind the leader for that round.

So let’s recap: if I make all of my putts within 30’, I reside at -15 for the day. The leader for the day is at -20. Instead, I’m at -6, 14 behind the leader, and with little chance at cash.

To be truthful, though, I should have had cash. On hole 12 of the first round, I throw my Aviar on a 200’ hole and BLAM, hit dead center in the chains (right and left) and dead center (up and down). And it was TOO perfect. It hit the pole and bounced me out. I should have won the ace pot. There were probably 20 people watching (backups on both sides of the hole), and I heard 20 people yell: “Yeaaaahhh….oooohhhhh” The ace-less streak is still going strong.

Now I plan on drinking. It seemed to help my play at The Grange. Actually, that’s not why I’m drinking. It’s the players party, and I want to just go out and forget that I can’t putt. (On the bright side, my ups were spot on)

11:30pm – The players party was a good time. I met some new people:

Tony and I at the party. He called Mitch “his boy”

These aren’t stats coming up, but they’re funny. Bar tab: $45.50. Games of video bowling: $8. Seeing Tyler Horne dance like a white boy:


Miles: 0 / 3,789.9

Money: -$110.30 / -$1,658.71

Rounds played: 2 / 27

Courses played: 0 / 15

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