Day 18 (3 entries)


8:44am – Am I the only one who, when I see a cemetary, thinks “This would make an awesome putt-putt course?”

12:39am – Well, it looks overcast with rain all day (all weekend, actually), so I made sure to hit my first stop on the way in case it is raining tonight. That stop is, of course:

I might come back for the game tonight if the rain looks like it will hold. No promises. Onto the course to throw a practice round. Wish me dry bones.

11:55pm – An enjoyable evening of not finding the hotel until extremely late, I have arrived with Jason and Rebecca at the hotel.

Terrible picture of my roommates

I will likely sleep. Soon. Or now.

Miles: 331 / 3,789.9

Money: -$73.72 / -$1,548.41

Rounds: 2 / 25

Courses: 1 / 15

And now, your new windows background shot:

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