Day 17 (2 entries)


1:00pm – Wow, two days in a row in an overly comfortable bed. I would be remiss to mention again how killer this generosity is here at the Snyder house. I’ve had meals prepared for me, and all that was asked of me so far was to play some piano. You just can’t beat that with a mallet.

In my travels, I’m going out of my way to purchase things at an exorbitantly cheap rate. For instance, I went to the local Goodwill store here in Urbana OH and purchased me a nasty shirt for the supah-sweet cost of $3.20. You probably could beat that with a mallet, but why try? I’ll likely have a photo of that shirt as well, because fine fashion isn’t fine unless other people are subjected to it, that’s what I always say.

When Steve’s done with work, we’re gonna hit two local courses and hopefully avoid the patchy storms. Although it’s been so hot, I wouldn’t mind some raindrops fallin’ on my person. Because no matter what you’ve heard, beating rain with a mallet is just plain silly.

10:49pm – What a day it has been, and I mean that in the most opening-declarative statement manner ever, and possibly the worst grammatically. After a brief bout with consciousness (which I lost), Linda and I headed out to Whittenberg University to play their course. Obviously, we met up with Steve (SteveOhio on and Don (Treasurer on the same site). It’s a long but beautiful 9-hole course with many low hanging trees, and it was certainly no picnic. We played five holes before meeting up with Don, and then we played the full nine. I played very consistently, shooting a -2, and that was with some lousy putts and a few good ones. My finest achievement there was parking a 350’+ hole with a winding anhyzer fairway (actually, I outdrove the hole) I missed the 20′ putt for birdie. Like I said, some good and some lousy.

After bidding farewell to Linda, we moved to the Antioch College course at Yellow Springs, a much longer and open 12-hole course. As we drove there, the skies opened up and it rained BUCKETS. As we hit the course, it hadn’t let up any. And here’s where I need a moment to describe what troopers Steve and Don are. Now, I have to begin by saying (respectfully, of course) that they’re not the youngest guys in the world. They’d both be playing in Grandmasters, if I’m not mistaken, and Don could even be Senior Grandmaster. I’m not sure. The reason I bring up the age is because I can still chalk up what hpapened to youthful exuberance and stupidity. But when the rain tapered to merely an onslaught, they were the first ones to hop out of the car and start the round. That’s not stupidity, that’s DEDICATION. Now, in all my years of playing, I’ve only played in rain this bad once, and it was in a hurricane. Before we even got to the tee, we were drenched and we had to cross a 4″ deep river of water. So we were already soaked. But Steve and Don didn’t waver. We finished all 12 holes in rain and fairly severe wind too. Not one complaint was uttered, and aside from a few sporadic “We’re crazy”s, it was just a blast of a round out there in the monsoon. I managed to string together 12 straight 3’s, which I consider an achievement given the circumstances. I almost deuced the longest hole (560′). The course would have been boring, I think, in normal conditions, but these were abnormal to say the least. I wanted to take a photo of the sewer rats we had become, but alas I had forgotten my camera. What you do get (eventually, when I have cable connection with my laptop) is a photo of Steve and Linda and I. I can’t thank them enough for their gracious hospitality. And Linda even got me to eat (and like) carrots when she hid them in a delicious casserole. No small feat, that.

Miles: 10.2 / 3,458.9

Money: -$106.20 (paid for my last tournament of the trip today) / -$1,474.69

Rounds played: 3 / 23

Courses played: 2 / 14

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