Day 14

Memorial Day 5/29

All right, it’s time to try (in vain, quite likely) to recap the last six days from memory, which was often times clouded under the influence of various things that were quite tasty. My stats are already quite inaccurate because I often made spontaneous bets of a dollar over quite frivolous things (I bet I can throw that ring on that post… I didn’t). But it was quite satisfactory.

But first, it’s time to talk about today. Literally after the first round of the entire tournament, I knew I was out of cash. So I was just playing for fun… and preservation of my body. My feet are now so callused that walking barefoot through the woods is actually preferable to playing in those boots. I’m very concerned for the rest of my time here. The first round was again on the Darkside (where I posted a 60 yesterday) and I improved slightly with a 59. But the round was much more solid – I was even after 7 holes and finished off with 6 pars, so those last five strokes were in five consecutive holes. D’oh! Second round, I said “Screw you shoes” (directly to the shoes, with unnecessary vibrato) and I played the whole round in Cons with no socks. And I shot my tournament-best 54 on the Sunnyside (which was, for pro, all right).

Here’s the surprising thing about this weekend: consistency. It’s never been more forte. In fact, it hasn’t even been my fifte (stupid esoteric joke alert – a little late). But for 4 rounds of golf, I threw 8 birdies, only 3 5’s (two of which were OBs). The rest was decent, steady, consistent golf. My putting was consistently bad (though got better progressively each round), and my driving was the only thing that was inconsistent. I was overall pleased with how I played. And coming in the top 16 in Tiki was nice.

Mike “The Mose” Moser won the tourney in a playoff. Here is a picture of him.

Now, about The Grange in general: this is the place to be. I’ve always liked Paw Paw, but this place just has a little extra something. Most call it the Jacuzzi. And the arcade games (though I couldn’t get Ice Cold Beer to work properly). And the Tiki course. And the SHOWER (that was clutch). It was truly a spectacle. If you only go one place next year, it’s probably because you’re in jail.

Me and gracious uber-host Mike Trapasso

All right, let’s see if I can mangle some stats:

Money: -$23 / -$1,231.47
Rounds played: 2 / 18 (1 tiki / 20)

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