Day 13


To expound upon later: 1st round – all good drives (1000 rated golf) nothing after that. Ups and putts sucked. Missed 6 within 20’. 2nd round worse – scrambled for 3’s. Second to last card. Worse yet – tiki tournament. Semifinals. Got a nifty shirt – lost. Good playing. Had a lead. Gave it up. Lost because of a stupid 3’x3’ plastic fake pool that was “Out of Bounds” that I hit on the 2nd to last hole. Lost by one. Stupid crappity crap. That was potentially $250 I threw into that pool. Or wait, $500 for first. I have no faith in myself.

Big thanks to CROMWELL, my first major sponsor of my trip, with a huge $20 for my travels. That will go a long way, and hopefully not to putting, as no amount of money could save me from my dreadful putting.

I swear, my kingdom for a connection.

Battery draining. Must sleep. Must play well tomorrow. Must not kill a kitten with a stray shot. I’m so tired.

Yes, a real chicken

JG “Papa Stick” is actually the Burger King mascot. Who knew?

(Posted after a drunken 45 minutes set of accordion-based classic rock. I’ve been told, “I’ve never heard the accordion sound so cool before”)

Money: +4 (yeah Cromwell!!!!) / -$1,208.47
Rounds played: 2 / 16 (tiki 3 / 19)
Aces: 1 (tiki) / 4

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