Day 12


11:21pm. Battery low – much to report. I have played well lately and I’m all geared up. Played mixed dubs with Tiffany, a girl who just picked up the game a few months ago. First round was best score (we used mine on all 18 holes) and the second round was best disc (we used maybe 5 of her shots the whole round) Good for a beginner, that Tiffany. But we came in 4th (of 6) in the division, so that was sweet. CASHED! I lost in Hold’em to A4 when I had AJ. But I assume that luck will stop here and now. The biggest news is that there’s a tiki-tournament. Over 100 players. After the first three qualifying rounds, your ole’ Fats is still in it. I’m in the Sweet 16. Finals tomorrow (BIG payout!!!) Who knows, might cash after all. I even took out Tizzle (MTL) in the second round with a couple of huge 50’ comebackers.

Tiki Hole 1 – aced twice this weekend

Miles: 0 / 2,744.7

Money: -$36 / -$1,212.47

Rounds played: 2 / 14 (4 tiki / 15)

Aces: 1 (tiki) / 3

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