Day 10 (2 entries)


9:25pm – I think I have reached Mecca, by which I mean the Grange. It is truly a spectacle of disc golf and pointless entertainment. I’ve scored my first ace in almost four years (even though it was on the short par-2 tiki course) and I feel pretty good about my chances. I now have $15 riding on this weekend. When did I become a gambler? Who knows?

Heaven on Earth

Really late – All right, my first cash. And my first ace. All bowled up into my first experience at The Grange. I played the tiki course (a short putting course in the woods) and I aced #7 my first go-round. Then I got invited to a $10 game of Hold ‘em. I came in 2nd of 9, and had I not been tired of playing and gone all in on 9-5 suited, I might have won the entire thing. Oh well.

I’m starting to talk with a drawl and I’ve only been in VA one day. That can not, under any circumstances, be good.

Miles: 230 / 2744.7

Money: -$45.00 (including the $10 I won) / -$1156.47

Rounds played: 1 / 9 (and 3 tiki rounds)

Courses played: 2 / 9

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