Day 1 (1 entry)

11:20pm – Okay, so I fully realize my trip doesn’t start until tomorrow. The two things I assume I will do excessively on this trip are 1) play disc golf and 2) spend money. Because I did both today, I justified starting my storytelling one day early. I played doubles at Warwick and played well, but didn’t cash (my partner was pretty new to the game). I think I need to take a look at this trip and already brand it a financial failure. I’ve spent exactly $742.06 on this trip, and I have only traveled about 40 miles. (Entry fees, digital camera, new golf shoes, food…) A this rate, I’m going to be a very sad Derek in 5 weeks.

On the bright side, I’ve already been to two states, played one round of golf, and realized at least one thing I forgot to pack. I leave in less than 9 hours. The excitement is so thick you could use it as a shim.

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