March 7, 2018

A true magician never tells his secrets. But I do. Velcro poodle to the bottom of a large top hat. When pulling it out, the audience will definitely hear the rrrriiiiiipp unless you say some loud mumbo jumbo like abracadabra or Benedict Cumberbatch! Historical footnote: Abe Lincoln kept a dog in his hat to keep his head warm during the Civil War. Rutherford B. Hayes mistakenly kept one in his beard for the same purpose.

March 6, 2018

Velcro poodle to table. Cover poodle in papier-mâché, leaving a hole at the top. Fill hole with flammable materials, preferably lava for authenticity. Bring to your kid’s Science Fair. Start the demonstration, win the ribbon. If it fails to win the ribbon, go back to the original 1942 American National Science Fair. Your time machine should win the prize.