Back up and running!

Something was going screwy with my blog page, and Jason fixed it up (THANK YOU!) So I’m back. I hope to have a few different blogs coming up.

– I’m going to write what will be a lengthy blog post about religion.

– Starting June 1, I will be going on a pretty strict diet. No gluten, no dairy, no caffeine, no liquor. That will be for 6 weeks, then I’ll phase other things back in (likely keeping gluten-free). I’m going to blog about it, because I’m definitely going to need support.

– I’ll probably write-up a review of Chrono Trigger, because even though it isn’t a Final Fantasy game, it was done by the same people, and it really plays like one.

– Hopefully I’ll get some pics of the boys up. Lots happening. Hopefully I find time for it.

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