Accountability Blog – August


Crap food – Well, for the first time since starting this blog, I hit this goal. I had one crap breakfast (on the 2nd of the month) and one crap lunch (on the 7th) but held off the rest of the month. Sure, I had Jack in the Box once for dinner this month, but there were extenuating circumstances and I cleverly put no restrictions on this whatsoever. Grade: 4.

Vegetables – Looking at my calendar, it looks like I had four days without veggies this month. Admittedly at least one of those days I didn’t really have the option to get something with veggies, but still a pretty bad fail. Grade: 2.5.

Sodas – 11. Ouch, that’s nearly double my goal. It’s probably still *slightly* better than I did before this challenge, but it’s still pretty lousy. Grade: 2.

Overall diet grade: 3.


Zero times. Not once did I work out. That’s terrible. Sure, it was a busy month and I always tend to work out more in the winter than in the summer, but this is pretty inexcusable, especially on the heels of the past two months where I only worked out 4 times total. Grade: 1.


I only decided I would add this goal halfway through the month. I finished the month out with 5 in the final two weeks. Considering my monthly goal was 12-15, my prorated total would put me at around 11 or 12. So we’re gonna call this a success. Grade: 4.


I played 12 holes of practice early in the month with someone from work and bookended August with about 24 holes on the last day of the month. I’m trying to get my body ready for next week when I anticipate playing no less than 6 rounds in 5 days (possibly 7 rounds). I think 36 holes in the prior 2+ months satisfies that criteria, right? Grade: N/A


I only decided I would attempt this at the very end of the month, and I’m okay with not having succeeded because of that. What’s more, I have some gift cards coming my way and I plan to buy a laptop with those. I am infinitely more likely to write on a laptop than I am while sitting at my not very comfortable computer desk. After all, I have a bed that can sit all the way up. 🙂 Grade: N/A.

JUNE OVERALL: 2.5. Still not great, all things considered. I’m going to try a renewed dedication to this quest in September and I hope to hit each one of these targets.

Spoiler alert: I had two sodas on the very first day of September. So there’s that.

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