A few dietary notes

First off, this recipe is pretty awesome. Ash used to make it quite often, and I made it last night. I think we may be having it less and less because the meat does not sit well with Ash, but I might have to keep some ingredients around to make it for myself as a healthy alternative to just having red sauce. Now if only Landen would eat pasta with anything other than red sauce.

I put caffeine back into my diet. Well, sorta. Before each disc golf tournament, I would always have an Amp energy drink. I felt it woke my body up (even if I myself didn’t feel much more awake). Well, after a two-month caffeine hiatus, I tried it before Sunday’s one-round tag tournament at the Ranch. And what happened? I had the shakes. I mean, my hands weren’t actually shaking, but I didn’t feel quite right and what resulted was the worst putting I’ve had in a round in 3 years. I missed 7 putts within 30′, and 6 of them were probably within 16-22′. A couple of them were air-balled. I just had no release. It’s like my hand wasn’t listening to my brain. I’m not the world’s best putter, but I should be making at least half from that distance, if not 5 or 6.

What did I learn? Well, I am not going to have an Amp before tournaments anymore, that’s for sure. I’m also making a resolution. I did not feel any craving for caffeine during my cut-out. However, I just missed the taste of Mountain Dew. So going forward, I’m going to just moderate myself. I will never have more than one case (12 cans) a month, and I’m only going to buy it when it’s on sale (no more than $3/12 pack). I think it’s a pretty healthy concession.

Finally, I’ve put cheese back into my diet, having 3 different cheeses in large portions in one day. I am not noticing a drastic change for the worse with it. When I used to eat a quesadilla (sp?) I’d almost always have stomach pain and I attributed that to the cheese. Well, it might have just been the tortilla. I had 3 last week and other than (spoiler alert: I’m about to talk about my bodily functions, so pass to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know) some fairly typical immediacy in my BMs the next morning, there wasn’t a difference.

On a final note, I’ve gotten downright terrible taking my pills. I think it’s been a week since I’ve had my calcium and magnesium citrate. I didn’t notice much of a difference when I was on them, but in general my body has been fairly happy over the last 4 months (at least my digestive tract – my back, not so much).

Onward and upward.

3 thoughts on “A few dietary notes”

  1. i read it as “one case of mountain dew a day” and i was about to yell at you. then i realized the dedication that would take, not to mention the sheer pain and discomfort of it all deserves a reward.

    then i noticed it said ‘month.’

    you’re letting me down Fisil. letting me down hard.

  2. “Quesadilla is spelled correctly.” (from the soon-to-return-to-work English teacher)

    Good that you have added some foods back without much ado. Maybe some doo-doo, but not much ado.

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