2019 Disc Golf Goals

It’s time once again to write something long that only I read and it’s tl;dr for everyone else: my disc golf goals! You’ll remember last year I managed to hit 10 of my 21 lofty goals, but oddly I hit some of the ones I considered long shots and missed others I thought were pretty safe. Can I do better without lowering my bar? Let’s see. Those observant enough to care will notice I’m recycling many of last year’s goals. So what? It’s my bloggy and I’ll do what I wanna. 

1) Win more than 800 points in Masters.

Last year I didn’t even get 600, but that was largely due to poor attendance in my division throughout the Sierra Tahoe series. While I don’t expect that to change that much, I’m planning to do more traveling/big tournaments, so hopefully a few good showings will do me just right.

2) Cash in 2/3 of my events.

I missed this last year by some margin, but had I done a single stroke better a round in 6 of my tournaments, I would have cashed in all but two events for the entire year. But… well… I didn’t.

3) Cash in the St. Patrick’s Classic or the Tim Selinski US Masters.

I’ve played St. Patty’s twice. The first time I threw my highest rated round (1025) at the time and still came considerably out of the cash after following it up with two lousy rounds. Last year I played in Masters and limped my way to the first spot out of cash. Third time’s a charm, right?

I’ve never played a Masters event as big as the US Masters, and right now it’s full at a field of 60 (I’m gonna guess that’ll go up as some of the more esoteric fields don’t fill). And, while Maple Hill is one of my all-time favorite courses, I’ve yet to throw a single good round there. Both tournaments will be a challenge, but here’s hoping I can get one of them. Hell, maybe even both!

4) Cash in every PDGA event.

This is one of two least likely goals for me to achieve. But let’s keep it here because I’m nothing if not ambitious. It’ll REQUIRE me to cash at both A Tier/Major tournaments, which will be no small feat in and of itself.

5) Win enough cash to pay for my entry fees.

This is one I squeaked by last year, but I think it’s a good measure of a successful year for me. Last year I rode the success of two large cashes (a win and a 2nd place finish in the most populous tournament). Let’s see if I can duplicate it, hopefully this time with more consistent cash.

6) Win enough cash to pay for ALL my disc golf expenditures.

This one might be harder than cashing in every event and basically I’ll need to do that one to have a shot at this one. I’m already buying a new bag this year (~$100) and doing some heavy traveling including a three-night stay at an AirBNB. There’s PIE! And it’s in the SKY!

7) Finish every PDGA tournament I start. 

Ah, the dreaded DNF (did not finish). I’ve not had to succumb to that for 17 straight years but every year it gets harder. And truth be told, if I had driven my own car to the Tahoe Vista Finals last year, I would not have achieved this goal then. Here’s hoping for some luck.

8) Never finish in the bottom third of a tournament with a field of more than seven players.

I achieved this one last year without the 7+ player caveat, but I’m adding that because my area seems to have tournaments with very few old guys. I could easily see myself being in a 6 person field, shooting 4 strokes off the leader, and still coming in 5th just because of some clumping. Hence the caveat.

9) Don’t throw lower than 940 in the first round of any tournament.

I’m striving to not make goals that are subjective, like last year’s “don’t take myself out of contention” goal. I shot myself in the foot four times last year by digging too great a hole to come back. So here’s hoping I can at least start strong in every tournament, or at least not suckyass weak.

10) Don’t lose a playoff in a PDGA event.

I’ve already lost one dubs playoff and squandered a two-stroke lead with three holes to play in dubs, but neither of those count. I’m talking PDGA events here, and if I’m playing for a trophy, that means I did something right.

11) Throw three or more 1000-rated rounds. 

Even though I doubled this goal last year, it marked only the third year where I accomplished the goal in 17 years. I think it’s pretty fair to keep it as is.

12) Don’t follow up a 1000-rated round with anything below my rating.

I have 25 1000-rated rounds but 9 of them were during the final round of a tournament, so I’m ruling those out. Here’s how I followed the rest of those rounds where I had at least one more round to play:

1004 – 944

1000 – 933

1010 – 991

1004 – 1006

1006 – 949

1000 – 898

1025 – 933

1003 – 964

1010 – 976

1004 – 969

1000 – 987

1025 – 992

1003 – 972

1012 – 962

1014 – 984

1030 – 981

Okay, so admittedly, this hasn’t been as big a problem as in the past – it’s only happened twice since 2010 – but nothing kills a tournament like taking the air out of your own tires.

13) Throw at least 1 round over 1010.

I’ve done this 8 times in my career, but inexplicably seven of those were in the last two years. Still a lofty goal.


14) Beat Robert Bainbridge in a tournament.

There are any number of good Masters players in my area, but he’s one of the best who plays the Tahoe area regularly (Patrick Brown is better but he tends to tour and there are a handful of others around Bainbridge’s skill level that don’t play Tahoe often). Now, I’ve beaten Robert in rounds. Hell, two of the three times we played on the same card I beat him. But I haven’t beaten him in a tournament, which makes sense since he’s a 1000-rated player. I came *so* close during last year’s King of the Lake, losing my tie with him on the last hole. But I imagine I’ll have a few chances this year.

15) No rounds below a 925 rating.

I’m too lazy to do the research, but I imagine there haven’t been many years I’ve accomplished this. Here’s hoping 2019 is one of them. 

16) Have more rounds over my rating than below my rating. A tie counts a victory considering I’m starting the year at a very high 972 rating.

I sorta suspect I won’t make this one based on the fact that I’m starting high and tend to play crappy until about June.

17) Keep my rating 965 or higher the entire year.

I usually aim to hit a specific high, but since I’m at 972, which I’m comfortable with, I’m changing it up this year. Don’t drop below 965. When was the last year I’ve done this? Well, never. Never is the last time I’ve done this.

18) Hit a tournament ace or eagle. A dubs ace with a pot over $100 counts.

I did this in dubs in 2017, but it’s been a while in a tournament.


19) Play at least 20 “casual” rounds.

I’m at the exact same place I was last year (3 rounds in January) but last year I dropped off quickly, much like I do every other year. Having Saturdays free will help, but having a thousand other responsibilities won’t.

 20) Break the King of the Lake “Odd Year Curse”

I chronicled this at length here, but basically I suck every odd year – I have never even cashed. So this year, I wanna cash at the King. That’s all. That simple. I can do this!

21) Win 1 tournament.

This will be on my to-do list basically every year for the rest of my career now that I can hide with the old guys. Here’s hoping to make it 2 for 2.

See you on the course!

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