September 9, 2018

Now that you’ve figured out how to make a poodle house, it’s time to see if the wolf can blow it down. We don’t know. It’s not in the tale. Simply write to your local animal sanctuary making sure to write your home address somewhere in the body of the letter. Velcro wolf phermones to the outside. Soon, a wolf will be intrigued by your letter and after learning your address, he will secure passage to your house. Note: If your grandmother comes visiting, this may be the wolf.

September 6, 2018

Go to Rochester. You’ve just doubled their tourism! They’ll give you the key to the city. Use that to break into City Hall. Replace the gargoyles statutes with Velcroed poodles. You’ve just doubled their architecture! They’ll give you another key to the city. Really, they give those things out to just about everyone; they have a stack of them lying around somewhere.