TYOGT (The Yogurt Tour) – Day 2

It was the second day in a row where I just could not maintain momentum. Like yesterday, I had flashed of brilliance that were almost immediately offset by moments of pure stupidity. Like yesterday, my tee-shots were not my strength, but I was scrambling really well and putting very solidly. Yesterday I had seven birdies and four bogeys, resulting in my decent -3 finish. Today, I had only five birdies and four bogeys, although I would also say luck was not on my side this round for the most part.

To break it down:

I had a dumb par on the first hole. Hole 2 features a large pyramid which means if you’re outside about 30′, you lay up so you don’t take a big score. I felt good about my putt after yesterday, so I tried from 40′ away and nailed it dead center. Good start. I took a somewhat lucky par on 3 (could have gone OB but I hit a tree and it got knocked down), made a 20+ footer for par. Hole four was my bit of luck – my driving was sliding toward OB but hit a log and stayed safe. Another 20+ footer for birdie.

Hole 5, the super tough par 3, I didn’t have a great drive but it could have been fine if I didn’t find the 4′ wide OB river (my disc was dry but it was in the roped-off area). Bogey, followed by a STUPID bogey on 6 – bad drive, good up but got smacked down by this tiny tiny branch, missed putt). Great drive on 7 but alas only a par. 8, long look for birdie but I was okay with a par there.

9 is a roller hole, and I put the angle down perfectly. However, it hit the only guardian tree and squirreled off to the right. All I had for an upshot was a kneeling forehand under a low-hanging branch, which I executed great and it left me a 25′ par putt, which I made.

Stupid par on 10, excellent birdie on 11 (perfect drive didn’t slide forward like I expected, so I had to bang a 25+ putt). Bad drive par on 12, good scramble par on 13.

Then we go to the temp holes, and I go into safe mode. A, boring par. B – missed a 40′ putt for birdie. C, which is the toughest par 3 on the course, and I made a 20′ for par. On D, I get another bad break, skipping off the OB pavement INTO the hillside (which would have been fine), only to skip off the grass and onto another hazard area. I missed the 30′ for par, so I took a bogey. Hole E, made a 35′ putt for par. Hole F, the very tough par 4, saw me take a par, but only after a great forehand roller 3rd shot and a solid save putt. G was an ace run, had to settle for a drop in birdie. Naturally, I followed that up with a bogey, as was my wont this weekend.

Okay, I’m boring myself with this recap. You kinda get the idea. Moments of brilliance offset by moments of stupidity. My putter was a godsend again, and even though I missed a couple of 30 footers, I banged more than that from outside the circle. My forehands were great on my scrambles, but lousy off the tee. My rollers were really unlucky but solid.

I find myself right on the cash line at -4. If I play solid tomorrow, I’ll be okay. One of my unofficial goals was to throw under par each round, and so far I’ve done that, even if I walked away from today’s round disappointed.