The Young Old Guy Tour – Saint Patrick’s Classic

The PDGA season begins tomorrow (for me, at any rate) in the form of the Saint Patrick’s Classic at Shady Oaks in Sacramento. This course was home to my highest-rated round of all time, which was sadly 8 years ago. What does that mean for the tournament this weekend? In the words of Spaceballs, absolutely nothing.

I did get out to play the course today, including the nine temp holes, and I probably shot somewhere around par. Hard to tell as I was trying various lines, all while wondering why the hell I can’t turn any of my discs over (for the non-players, playing at sea level like I am here makes discs turn over far more than I would at Tahoe). Either way, aside from an extremely sore back, I’m rearing to go.

And that’s part of the weird thing – I’m really feeling good about this. Maybe it’s because I’m joining guys who are closer to my skill level, but I drove down here just feeling at peace and that a good finish is within me. Naturally, much of that went away after one round where everything is hurting my old man bones.

Either way, I’m glad to be out playing somewhere I haven’t been in a while. I’m looking forward to a good year.